Impact on Token Supply & Demand

Each time a Membership NFT is purchased, earned, or redeemed for the first time, the necessary amount of $EPIK for that status level is purchased from the open market and staked. This process removes $EPIK tokens from circulation, whether users manually stake their EPIK or obtain membership through NFTs, creating upward price pressure and contributing to an increase in the price of EPIK.

The ease of selling Membership NFTs extends our reach to web2 users, enabling the integration of scale and adoption from web2 into our web3 rewards program. As outlined earlier, this positive integration is expected to have a favorable impact on the price of EPIK. Epik Repurchasing token through Membership NFT purchase

With Membership NFTs, Epik removes the complexity of buying $EPIK and staking on behalf of the user. Epik manages this process behind the scenes and executes $EPIK token purchases from the open market based on the amount of $EPIK the Membership NFT requires. By doing so, both membership by staking and membership by NFT contribute to the supply constriction and upward price pressure for the EPIK token.

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