We're on the cusp of a revolution in entertainment, and AIgency is leading the charge. Imagine a future where the hottest new artist isn't a human singer, but an AI-created celebrity.

Traditionally, studios and creators meticulously craft fictional characters in comics, movies, and games. These characters then become Intellectual Property (IP) that can be licensed across various media and merchandise. AIgency offers a similar framework for AI-generated content.

Epik will represent and empower emerging AI-created talents to be monetized and commercialized, capturing licensing opportunities across virtual concerts, metaverse experiences, games, and collaborations with other AI artists.

Immutable Proof of Origin

Every activation featuring an AI-produced brand or entity is immutably recorded on the blockchain, creating a transparent and verifiable record of its creation. This eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting or unauthorized use. When an AI creation's origin is demonstrably authentic, it earns the coveted Epik Seal of approval.

Control of IP Distribution

Blockchain technology also ensures the secure storage and tracking of AI-generated content. This provides creators with complete ownership and control over their creations, allowing them to monitor their usage and enforce licensing agreements effectively. They can trace exactly where their AI content is being used and ensure proper compensation.

Enhanced Security and Traceability

Royalty payments for AI-produced content are streamlined and automated. Epik's blockchain integration facilitates automatic royalty distribution to all rights holders involved in the creation and utilization of AI content, ensuring fair compensation throughout the lifecycle. No more chasing down payments – creators and collaborators receive their rightful share automatically.

Seamless Integration in Epik's Ecosystem

Seamless Integration in Epik’s Ecosystem

AIgency offers a suite of proprietary Web3 products designed to streamline the ownership and monetization of digital assets. AI creators can leverage these tools to securely manage their AI-powered IPs, ensuring transparent ownership and efficient licensing opportunities within the decentralized ecosystem.

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