Token Utility

EPIK functions as a membership token with versatile utility, creating a self-reinforcing cycle. Increased activity and token acquisition drive EPIK's value appreciation through staking, membership purchases, and B2B partnerships.

At the center of it all are the token holders. Take a look at how the token moves in the ecosystem:

Ways to Buy

EPIK is available on several of the world's leading and trusted centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Ways to Earn

There are multiple avenues to earn EPIK. Reap rewards by owning Prime NFTs, buying and staking select NFTs, participating in contests and quests, and being an active member within Epik's ecosystem. Epik Prime members often receive additional boosted rewards.

Ways to Use

Maximize the full potential of EPIK by staking it to earn APY, attaining membership status for exclusive benefits, using it dynamically across Epik's thriving ecosystem, or simply holding it as its value increases.

How does EPIK appreciate

The EPIK token captures value accrual from the entire Epik ecosystem, encompassing its network user base of 1+ billion participants and hundreds of enterprise partners. This paramount demand is channeled through Epik Prime memberships, resulting in lucrative supply-demand dynamics.

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