Transfer Out your Membership NFT

Requirements for Transfer

The receiving wallet should always be registered and connected to an Epik account.

How to Transfer Membership NFT To A Wallet

Users may Transfer Out their Membership Edition to their wallets on a different network by following these steps.

Step 1: Select the Membership Edition to transfer

Users may choose what Membership NFT to transfer to a different wallet.

Step 2: Transfer to Wallet

After selecting the Membership NFT, users will see an option to "Transfer to Wallet" on the right side, beside the "View On Chain" button.

Step 3: Authorize to Switch Network

Users will be asked to use the network to which they will be transferring the Membership NFT.

If the wallet is still not registered in, a prompt will show to register it.

Step 4: Proceed to Transfer Out

Once the network has been authorized, you can then proceed to click on "Transfer Out" button.

Note: Once you initiate the transfer, your item will be locked until the transfer finished.

How to Check the Status of Transfer

After sending an item, the user will not be able to transfer until the previous one is completed. After the transaction’s completed, there would also be confirmation on Epik side to check the transaction for a couple of minutes.

To check the transaction status: a.) Toggle dropdown menu on “Profile” b.) Click “Transfers”

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