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  • Gaming and Metaverse – Get your weekly dose of entertainment with Epik and learn about the world of video games and the metaverse with major industry trends and news.

  • Crypto and Web3 - Stay on top of the curve with the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency and Web3. Uncover the latest developments in blockchain technology and explore the future of finance.

  • AI and Emerging Technologies – Discover groundbreaking advancements with the century’s hottest innovation, Artificial Intelligence, and stay informed about the potential breakthroughs.

How Does it Work?

The Exponential Newsletter caters to your specific interests. Here's how it tailors the experience:

Subscription Flexibility: You choose which newsletters you want to receive. Opt for all three categories or pick the ones that resonate most with you.

Rotating Focus: The specific category featured prominently each week rotates throughout the month. This ensures you get a well-rounded perspective on all the latest developments.

The Exponential Newsletter goes beyond just delivering news. It makes learning an interactive and rewarding experience. Embedded within the newsletter are engaging mini activities like quizzes, polls, surveys, and puzzles. By participating in these activities, you earn Perks Points.

These Perks Points accumulate in your account in Perks Marketplace. Every 100 points translate to $1 in value!

You can then redeem your points for real-world gift cards, allowing you to directly benefit from your newfound knowledge.

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