Membership Status

The Epik Prime Membership has two different levels. • Epik Prime • Epik Prime+ Epik Prime Membership provides good value for those who want some exclusive benefits and increased rewards at a more accessible commitment level.

Epik Prime+ Membership This higher-tier membership offers a premium experience with exclusive access to the best items, early access to everything, and greater rewards. It caters to dedicated users who want the most out of the Epik ecosystem.

How to see Current Level

A preview of the “Current Membership Level” and “Membership level after activation” prompts will show after activating a Membership NFT. This will give the member an idea of what level they are going to have once they activate a Membership NFT either upgrading/downgrading.

Membership Level didn't change after activating Membership Edition. What happened?

If a member also has EPIK staked for Epik Prime Membership, when they activate a Membership Edition, the staked EPIK is taken into account as well. For example, if a member has enough EPIK staked for Epik Prime+ Membership, and they also have an Epik Prime+ Membership Edition activated and they deactivate their Membership Edition, their membership level will still be Epik Prime+ because they have enough staked for that level.

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