Epik Perks is an innovative marketplace that offers a diverse catalog of real-world deals, primarily through electronic gift cards from some of the most sought-after brands, games, and consumer products, and offers a unique proposition, using cryptocurrency to unlock incredible real-world deals and rewards.

Diverse Catalog of Real-World Deals

Perks boasts a curated selection of deals across various categories. Enjoy discounts at your favorite restaurants, score savings on top clothing and shoe brands, and access subscriptions to popular music and movie streaming services at a reduced price. You can even use Perks to travel smarter with discounts or indulge in unforgettable experiences with event passes and concert tickets.

Massive Savings for Epik Prime Members

Being an Epik Prime member unlocks an extra layer of value on Perks. Enjoy a whopping 30% off the face value of selected items, stretching your crypto even further and maximizing your savings.

Seamless Crypto Conversion

Perks removes the hurdles of converting your cryptocurrency into real-world value. The platform accepts payments through nearly all major cryptocurrencies without going through the lengthy process of withdrawal on different platforms and paying multiple transaction fees.

Perks Marketplace normalizes using cryptocurrency for everyday purchases, similar to how you might use a credit card. This familiarity breeds comfort and encourages wider adoption.

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