Cooldown Timer

A cooldown timer for a Membership Edition starts when a holder activates the Edition on their account. It lasts for 15 days. During this time, if they transfer ownership of the Edition to another user, that user can't activate it on their account until the timer expires.

Cooldown Status

Activating a Membership NFT triggers a “Cooldown Timer” in status which cannot be canceled. The duration of the cooldown will be indicated too. Activating, deactivating, and auctioning a membership NFT DURING the cooldown duration will not halt/disturb/restart the time and just continue with it until the timer finishes from the first time it was triggered. To find this:

a.) Click on the NFT under “Membership editions available to activate” b.) Scroll to “Membership Edition Details” c.) See “Status”

How to Check Cooldown Timer

To get the Token ID for an NFT on a third-party marketplace like OpenSea:

  1. Visit the page on a third-party marketplace for the NFT you’d like to check.

  2. Select to view the Details of the NFT

  3. Find the Token ID and enter it on the "Check Membership Cooldown Timer" page.

Important Notes

Auction feature can be used by the current owner even during the cooldown duration (when applicable).

The recipient (Transfer recipient and auction winner) would also need to wait until the previous owner’s cooldown timer finishes before they can activate the newly transferred membership NFT on their account.

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